K-rino - Non-stop

Yo.. in a dark prison vision microphones moving in motion
Volcanic vocalism sparkin flames beneath the ocean
Deep rhyme production advanced psychological powers
Time rearranga seconds take minutes minutes take hours
Put venom in veins when I'm in brains witness the pain
Adrenaline gain, speed so quick I'm dodging rain
rough narrator strangulation gave him a red colla derrange writa
paragraph makin the dead holla
the mad magician flashin my south park diploma manipulate minds
wrote 20 rhymes inside a coma
the speed reada studied wise books to learn how ya heart is heat
bring a hellafied enough to burn fire yo
battles telepathic skill destined to get ya
might read your mind while you kick your rhyme and say it with ya
had side effects from multiple doses of lethal lithium
lyrical blast imbalance the planets equilibrium
unexplainable mic missile launcher lyrics untamable
voice master with 3 vocal cords that's interchangeable
show the wrath of violent hurricanes when I finish
no photographs my body won't sustain visual image
come face the lesson incarceration my topic locks
through space compression planets in a microscopic box
the dream controla reach in my thoughts and grab a vision
ideas burn at top speed mental metabolism
deep time first so all future lyrics I never lay 'em
each rhyme verse be on tape a week before I say 'em
solidified my status weakened your vital signs
composed chapter tonight it takes 2 weeks to write a line
I giveth distribute the punches nobody throws rougha
my flows tougha than leather love it when my foes suffa
too rough on the same level we ain't gonna never be super thinker
sending unsolveable questions to jeopardy murder serenade computer
thought device I empower
woke and counted every molecule on earth in one hour
invade your satellite your TV frequencies I dismantle
now I'm stranglin a different punk on 200 channels
high velocity genetic cloning coming in threes
now there's 4 versions of K-Rino blow torchin' mc's
solar energy ignites concepts spray like a gun killin
heated ya cool enough to be up on the sun chillen
chaotic madness I exert the explosion
bodies eternally twisting in a circular motion
when I, come in the game click this thought to flowin' vital
droppin' 30 flows a night like I was tryna win a scoring title
the best you ever heard is ag in my temple
multidimensional my clever words make calculus simple
weak styles missing in action once I got 'em I hit
hyperactive butcher knife packin mental bottomless pit
bring a hundred mc's still it ain't no stoppin' this injection
makin the planet spin up in the opposite direction
I wreck punish the prisona it's sad how I do 'em
tied him up for 22 days and read his own rhymes to 'em
step to my right it's the wrong turn so make a left
suffocate you but once a month I'll let you take a breath
steppin to us, one fuss death is a must, you cuss so Ima bust, might
just turn him to dust
the king drama I sing, I fling lyrics that sting, quick death is
what I bring, one swing he's out the ring
can't cope cause I'm to dope, I hope you brought your scope
my quote punctured his throat, you spoke so get a rope
I'm still a threat to kill
Too real to lose my skill
I spill verses you feel, done deal so write your will
I sing just like dream, my theme murdered your team
you scream felling the steam of extreme nuclear beams
enduse lyrical juice, this news I put to use, crack an atom open
lettin all the matters rhyme spirits loose
I keep on goin while competitors drop, K-Rino never defeated cause
me flowin' non-stop non-stop non-stop non-stop

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