Forest sun - Jar of pennies

You've had food on your table
A roof over your head
You're willing but unable
to explain the tears you shed
Fortune smiles on you God's child
Through all your trials you've not stood alone
Now you say you'll be on your way
Just point you in the direction home
And you judge yourself
Like no on else
You say it can't be helped
Who else is there to blame?
Took your jar of pennies to the wishing well
And dropped them in one by one
You watched each one as it fell
Stood there waiting for your wishes to come
As time went by you'd forgotten why
You stood there and what it is you wished for
When your wishes came your wish had changed
You didn't want them anymore
And the wanderlust still grips you
Takes your trust and trips you
Tell me who's gonna miss you
When you're gone?

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