Proper dos - Westside
Overige artiesten: Royal t

Oh, oooh

[Frank V]
Another day at the spot where the homies be chilling
Thinking of how we're gonna make our next million
On the Westside of town, keep it real, keep it Brown
Ain't a hater alive that could hold us down
'cause we're out here trying to make these chips daily
You ask us can you get some, homey you must be crazy
We had to work for ours, that's how we got these cars
That's why we pack this metal, we're some ghetto superstars
Only thing we're giving up is that funk you can bump in the trunk
All day everyday, Westside holiday, what more do I gotta say
You want to mess with us, I'll say homey not today
'cause we ain't taking it and we ain't faking it
Just three wheel motion and pancaking it
Front and back, side to side
I roll one up for the world but I smoke it for the Westside

[Chorus: Bizz]
Can't nobody do it
Like the way we do it
On the Westside
'cause all we want to do
Is get you in the groove
On the Westside

[Royal T]
Now who's that vato in the 600, blunted
It's the Royal homey, America's Most Wanted
Sancho, with a spanish fly in my cup
Checking out the cuties that are ghetto star-struck
From the 619 to the 213, oh you heard of me
That lead player Royal T
With my one night stands, got all the freaks talking
Latin pimp walking, let my game do the talking
My universal game makes the whole world turn
But some of you players move slow like sherm
And some of you freaks are like revolving hoes
'cause you always come back like revolving doors
Keep it Low Profile, never change my style
This heavyweight player'll make you throw in the towel
Everyday all day, that's how we play
On the Westside of Cali it's a player holiday

[Frank V]
We're on a paper chase, yeah we roam on the chrome
But no matter how far we go we always come home
To the West 'cause it's the best
We only mess with that bombay everyday not the stress
So if you want to kick it be cool not a fool
So you can leave in your 64 rag not a body bag
'cause if you want to trip we can trip on
So don't slip 'cause if you do I got a grip on
Something awful and it's unlawful
Ruin your hair, I'd rather put it away and cruise off in my Chevrolet
Worry free, no pigs can't worry me
I got my warrants clear so pass me the beer
And I'll kill it as the sun sets with the vets
And the hynas from the ave, with no regrets
Represent the Brown Pride so relax and take a ride
With a few homies from the Westside

Oooh, yeah
On the Westside
On the Westside
Proper Dos making more dough
Rolling with Low Profile
Yeah, whoa yeah

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