Angie stone - Karma
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You know there's really no need to
Stress or trip over getting even
Because my life is gilded and grounded
And I really believe that karma in itself avenges us
Feel me (Yeah)
Dig it

Tried so many times to make some sense of it
Unsure about the people in the mix
My sacred intention, my moment to mention
Just what it is I was called here to do

[1] - Love somebody
Give somebody
Teach somebody
Touch somebody

And when the good gets misunderstood
The repercussions can be cruel
And that ain't cool
Karma will avenge you

I've often seen the faces of despair
And been in situations people don't care
They take advantage of your every move
That ain't cool cuz I'm no fool
They monopolize your time
Try to redesign your mind
The very time they use to find
You're in this love for sharing

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

To me the world is stingy with love, everybody for self
And when you finally find love, then people hate you to death
A constant struggle, between you and your mental muscles
Emotional paranoia, with feelin' nobody loves ya
No one to reach to, gravity seen you
You the one in church that the preachers will preach to
And you're prayer just for confession, more blessings
Try to get protection from manic depression and keep steppin'
From mean ?? impressions, the supper comes with dressin'
Attached with life and karma and it's own lessons
And that's faith and love peace and trust
And never participate with the evil in us
And life ain't fair when you feel wear and tear
Remember God don't put more into you than you can bear
And believe that to death
A long journey don't start 'till the first step
And that's life

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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