K camp - Sept 4th (you gone see)

This that Bun B, that Pimp C, that Texas oil, that DJ Screw
Blessed to be in this situation but it still don't equal what I'm 'bout to do
God flow, I know I'mma run the game, just some shit that I know
I go, anywhere that I desire, turned it to a light show
Straight drop, young nigga workin', just tryna get a play, pop
Aye stop, I just need your bitch for a second, that's some great top
(Rap game so inconsistent) Me losin', that's nonexistent
Bad boy, young Isaiah, 88, Detroit Pistons
Signed up for the show business, these niggas got no business
Always talkin' that broke business, Joe wanna buy 4 business
You see what I see, thought years ago we were set free
Shit nowadays everything twisted, gotta watch my back for the police
Ride the beat like an old Caprice, let y'all have that Twitter beef
Rather count up a hundred K, maybe 75, shit, at the least
Old rappers tryna make peace, too busy checkin' my Sky Miles
Delta put me in the Diamond Club, cran-apple, baby all smiles
Made your bitch grab a wet towel, kiss my neck then wipe it down
Can't escape no crazy bitch, everywhere I go, I swear they all around
Tied up like shoestrings, left the old for a new fling
The head better, the pussy wetter, and I don't like your mood swings
I don't like these broke boys, really thuggin' all in the comments
Meanwhile I'm sendin' dick pics to your bitch, bitch you better pay homage
Cosign my damn self, still catch me in the top 40
Me and Bobby like Snoop and Dre, like Jay and Ye, like Drake and 40
Hit the gas station, grab a 40, send a wire, I'ma need 40
Just bought me a new 40, Puma'd down, I'm real sporty
Legendary like Barry Gordy, I would never buy a bitch a yorkie
Did that, regret the shit, you need me like a work permit
I throw that dick, then you throw a fit, stop playin', check the point of view
Bitch I'm hot like a bowl of stew, tell your main bitch to fall through
Hell yeah I'm tryna ball too, from the 305 to the 213
Plenty doubted but I'm still here, I ain't budgin' bitch, yeah you gon' see
(You gon' see)
(You gon' see)
(You gon' see)
Plenty doubted but I'm still here, I ain't budgin' bitch, yeah (You gon' see)

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