Qualité Motel (feat. Yann Perreau & Elisapie Isaac) - Honey Cruller

What's her name (x6)

She was called Thérèse
And she had braces
One of those girls with strange faces
Living in Kingston or Paris, or London
Here's the scenario

Working hard in a Tim Horton since 1997
Beige uniform from 8 to Eleven,
Every day it felt like Heaven

Shaped like "Turk" Broda
She's a joke Brotha'
Butta, that's what she smells
Honey, she'd prefer to tell

Her nametag was yellowed
She always bellowed
Calling for more soup
With her parachute suit
She didn’t know that tonight she would invent the...

Old fashioned plain dance
With her camouflage pants
DJ's going Baaaald

"is it Moby??" "Yeah but Ontarian"
Honey Cruller kindof strip, Apple Fritter Ego Trip.

The day after, people would say
"hey Thérèse c'mon pass the Dutchy?"
But she was only thinking how that night was spooky
Flashbacks of that bar where she went so kooky
After working hard she was still hungry
But not for a boston cream
She had appetite for her dream, becoming the greatest bellydancer of the country

Wearing her plastic gold bling, showing her dragon tattoo
She was ready to swing and to impress all of the crew
Dis-moi dis-moi kind of fling she felt as sexy as Mitsou
When she heard the music it felt like nothing she was used to

Rita MacNeil on acid
Bellydancing on Rancid
Like there's no tomorrow
« What happened last night, was it a bolero? »

« I dont know I had a special force, pure energy eternal source ... »

Pointing to the sky, have a good cry, ready to fly, Kiss kiss good bye

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