Andrew bird - Opposite day

I got home this morning with the sun right in my eyes
Therewas no warning as it took me by surprise
Hit me like an act of god causing my alarm
That I'd not become a cephalopod
I still had legs and arms
Still had legs and arms

And today was s'posed to be the day
Molecules decided to change their form
The law of physics lose their sway
Youthful indiscretion is
Suddenly the norm with good kids sprouting horns

And today was s'pose to be
Not just another day
Today was s'pose to be
Opposite day

And those who can't quite function
In societyat large
Are gonnawake up on this morning
And find that they're in charge
While those the worlds set up for
Who are really doing quite well
Gonna wake up institutions
In prison or in hell

And today was s'posed to be
Opposite day

But if you think there's something else
Well your right there is something else
But if you think Im gonna tell you
Think agian why should I think of telling you
What there is
Because silence is knowledge and knowledge is power
I'm under explicit orders to dare not speak its name
No I dare not speak its name
Listen! I just work here
No I dare not speak its name

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