Andrew bird - Sovay

I was getting ready to be a threat
I was getting set for my
Accidental suicide
The kind where no one dies
No one looks too surprised
Then you realize
That you're riding on the para-success
Of a heavy-handed metaphor
And a feeling like you've been here before
'Cause you've been here before
And you've been here before
Then a word washed to shore
A word:

Sovay, Sovay, Sovay
All along the day

I was getting ready to consider my next plan of attack
I think I'm gonna sack
The whole board of trustees
All those Don Quixotes in their B-17s
And I swear this time yeah this time
They'll blow us back to the seventies
And this time they're playin Ride of the Valkyries
With no semblance of grace or ease
And they're acting on vagaries
With their violent proclivities
And they're playing ride
Ride of the Valkyries

Sovay, Sovay, Sovay
All along the day


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