Andrew bird - Vidalia

There was a time when I enjoyed vidalia
there was no other fruit I dared my lips to touch
my grandad he prescribed vidalia
"for whatever ails ya" - heart disease, the grippe and such

But to yourself this medicine you'll properly expose
the benefits of health, wealth, and respect
Eat it like an apple of a deep-colored rose
sweet victory will be yours to delect

But how my palate grows tired
so sweet, so sweet, so sweet
no thanks I'll take defeat

I remember a dark and smoky den
Cheeks of roast beef bloody rare
Oh, whiskey-edged faces of barrel-chested men
And I'm feelin' small, weak and scared

I remember that nook, the way I shook
pain hurts innocence be damned
red with shame and red with pain
we all sit down to eat our leg of lamb
our leg of lamb...
we all sit down to eat our leg of lamb

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