Ybn almighty jay - Ybn almighty zay

Yah, yah, know what I mean?
Ha, ah, ha yah, uh, ooh, ooh
Know what I'm saying? A nigga like this be wildn', know what I'm saying?
Yuh, uh, uh Zay on the keys
Zaytoven you know what I'm saying?
YBN Shit know what I'm saying?
Uh, uh, ooh, ooh, uh, yuh
Fresh out young nigga you know what I'm saying?
Uh, yuh, ooh, yuh, huh, yuh, ooh

I made it, (I made it)
I know all of these fuck niggas hate it (hate it)
Look at this shit we created (what?)
They don't know how long we waited (we waited)
They said that I'm turning blue in the face because me and the money related (guap)
I flex on my ex-bitch every day for all the time she hated, (bitch, yuh)
You couldn't wait, (wait)
Now I'm getting money I'm straight, (I'm straight)
Now I'm seeing new money every day
Now I'm on a beat by Zay, (By Zay)
I guess I'm Santa Claus because I keep the bag
And I'm fly as fuck like a sleigh, (I'm fly as fuck)
I have a bitch from the Bay, (The Bay)
You know I'm having my way, (Having my way)
Rings on my fingers, I ain't even married
Easter Bunny man that's too many carrots (Damn)
I walk her to New York (New York)
That bitch gon fuck for Dior (Bitch)
Yellow bone bitch like Winnie the Pooh, but that bitch lazy like Eeyore (Yeah)
Big drip, how much that shit cost (It cost)
I'm in the bath like a bomb (The bomb)
I'm in the mouth like floss, these niggas tryna run off with the sauce (Run off with the sauce)
Wh-wh-who having racks? (We do)
Wh-who sucks dick? (She do)
She said she ain't tryna cuff, she just wanna fuck, bitch me too (huh)
Bitch Imma pill and Imma pop, (pop)
You know this AP don't talk, (don't talk)
I'm in Ruth Chris's eating lamb chops (lamb chops)
It's going down like Yung Joc (Yung Joc)
Set it off like Vivica Fox (set it off)
I spend the bag on Balmain Fox (ooh)
Pull up, pull them racks out (racks out)
Bad bitch, I blow her back out (bitch)
That bitch gon' fuck for the clout (for the clout)
I told that bitch to open her mouth (ooh)

Know what I'm saying? (Ha ha)
Fresh ass young nigga, know what I'm saying, we have this paper, know what I'm saying? (Paper)
All that shit now we saying fuck the haters, know what I'm saying? (Boss)
Big Drew shit, know what I'm saying, Designer shit, know what , I'm saying, we having that, (Huh, yuh)
I take your bitch, (uh ooh)
I take your bitch, (Yuh)
Know what I'm saying? (Ooh)
Boss shit, know what I'm saying, (Big Boss)
Excuse the drip, alot of drugs, you know we be having that, (Huh)
YBN, (Ooh)

Writers: Xavier Dotson , Jay Bradley

Lyrics © Ultra Tunes

Lyrics licensed by LyricFind