A boogie wit da hoodie - Come closer
Overige artiesten: Queen naija

Oh-oh, oh, yeah

Let's take a jet to Aruba, I know it sounds nice, ooh
You gon' fall into my trap, you gon' fall right through
Even when you're with your lover and your phone's on mute
When I call you an Uber, you gon' come right through
Need to cry you a river
If you lie, won't forgive you
And I won't ever, ever trust you
And I won't ever, ever miss you
And yeah I love my baby mother
But if she fuck another nigga
I won't ever, ever touch her
And don't you ever get it twisted
Yeah, I'ma cry me a river
Just get it out your system
You know how much I really want you
You know I'll never ever forget you
Way too much time spent on strippers
Ain't mean to cut you out the picture
I don't mean to be callin' you "bitch" and shit
But I be buggin' off the liquor
The muscle relaxant was workin'
Throwin' it back while she squirtin'
Don't need surgery, you're perfect
Remember when bitches was curvin'
Can't no nigga get you Birkins
Every time you think I'm lurkin'
All my clothes, you were burnin'
Oh that's how you feel? That's the word, yeah

Come closer
All I ever needed was some closure
Come closer
All I ever needed was some

You told me that you need some closure, you said come over
I don't need to take no Uber, I drive a Rover
Tryna bribe me with a bag, wait, nigga, hold up
If you ever try to play me, nigga, you's a whole dub, whole dub
Always got what I wanted
Never asked nobody for nothin'
I can take a trip to the islands alone
But if you want it you
Gotta come with somethin' new
I don't know what's wrong with you
So over your petty games, you're getting way too comfortable
Oh-oh, oh
Gettin' real comfortable treatin' me like a regular
Don't bring out the worst in me when I bring out the best in you
Boy, I ain't average
Don't make me turn savage
I need you to see that I'm no regular girl

Come closer (Oh-oh, oh-whoa)
All I ever needed was some closure (Needed some closure)
Come closer
All I ever needed was some closure (All I ever needed was some closure)

Come closer, oh, oh (All I ever needed was some closure)
Come closer, oh, oh
All he ever needed was some closure

Writers: CHRISTIAN WARD , SCOTT SPENCER STORCH , Justin R. Timberlake , Timothy Z. Mosley , Artist Dubose , Queen Bulls , Edgar Ferrera , Ryan Luriea , Chad Mazzota , Robert P. Blake Jr. , Rock Marion Georges

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