Curren$y - No window tints
Overige artiesten: Freddie gibbs The alchemist

To go, to go, to go, to go
The sounds (yeah) Just the wind on my skin

Uh, fine fabrics, interior serious
Dash board lavish, 14-Karat gold instruments
I'm outside looking at it, I didn't even sit in it yet
I can't believe that it's just how I envisioned it
Watchin' the speed limits baby, we smokin' weed in it
Without no window tints, to me that make no sense
Can't hide, when you this fly
Them niggas is seeing it
Takin' in this sunset on the lake
While reminiscing on how narrowly I escaped
We divide the cake, brunches with the heads of state
Mimosas on different coasts and these niggas ain't even close
They don't want no smoke
Them niggas broke they wan't hand outs
I'd rather hand them a rope
Standing in one place won't get you paid
They fire desperation shots but I'm not fazed

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