Artiesten met een C

Charles Ford
Charles Ford Band
Charles Fox
Charles Fulcher
Charles Gayle
Charles Gaylord
Charles Gerhardt
Charles Givings
Charles Goucher
Charles Grigsby
Charles H. Coleman Theatre Orchestra
Charles Hamilton
Charles Harris
Charles Harrison
Charles Hart
Charles Henderson
Charles Henry Williams
Charles Hiestand
Charles Hilton Brown
Charles Holden
Charles Hugh May
Charles J. Smith
Charles Jenkins
Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson & The Revivers
Charles Jones
Charles K.L. Davis
Charles Kablan
Charles Kaipo
Charles Kaley
Charles Kelley
Charles Kim
Charles Kimbrough
Charles King
Charles Kullman
Charles Kynard
Charles La Vere
Charles Larkey
Charles Lavannes
Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd & the Marvels
Charles Lorenzo Hayes
Charles Lyonhart
Charles Mackerras
Charles Magnante
Charles Manson
Charles McBurney
Charles McPherson
Charles Michael Brotman
Charles Mingus
Charles Mingus Duo
Charles Mingus Group
Charles Mingus Jazz Workshop
Charles Mingus Quintet
Charles Mingus Trio
Charles Murray
Charles Nelson Reilly
Charles O'Connell
Charles Oginga Shelton
Charles Owen Sextet
Charles Owens
Charles Owens Quartet
Charles Perry
Charles Pillow
Charles Ponder
Charles Power
Charles Previn Orchestra
Charles Ray
Charles Rutherford
Charles Rutherford's Jazz Pacific Orchestra
Charles Sawtelle
Charles Sibirsky
Charles Smart
Charles Socci
Charles Stepney
Charles Strouse
Charles Thomas
Charles Thompson
Charles Tichenor