Songteksten van Donovan

A Funny Man
A Sunny Day
A Well Known Has Been
Age of Treason
Angel by my side
As I Recall It
Astral Angel
Ballad Of A Crystal Man
Ballad of Geraldine
Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)
Be Mine
Belated Forgiveness Plea
Bert's Blues
Black City Woman
Black Widow
Boy For Every Girl
Brave New World
Breezes of Patchulie
Bye, Bye Girl
Can Ye Dance
Candy Man
Catch The Wind
Celia Of The Seals
Celtic Rock
Children Of The World
Circus Of Sour
Clara Clairvoyant
Cosmic Wheels
Coulter's Candy
Cryin' Shame
Curry Land
Cuttin' Out
Dare To Be Different
Dark-Eyed Blue Jean Angel
Dark-Eyed Bluejean Angel
Deep Peace
Dona, Dona
Donna Donna
Earth Sign Man
Epistle to Derroll
Epistle To Dippy
Everlasting Sea
Every Man Has His Chain
Ferris Wheel
Fishes In Love
Get Thy Bearings
Give It All Up
Goldwatch Blues
Hampstead Incident
Hamstead Incident
Happiness Runs
Henry Martin
Hey Gyp
Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness)
Hi, It's Been A Long Time
House Of Jansch
How Silly
Hurdy Gurdy Man
I Like You
I Love My Shirt
I Love You Baby
In An Old-Fashioned Picture Book
International Man
Isle of Islay
Jenifer Juniper
Jennifer Juniper
Jennifer Jupiter
Jersey Thursday
Joe Bean's Theme
Kalifornia Kiddies
La Moora
Lady of the Lamp
Lady of the Stars
Lay of the Last Tinker
Lazy Daze
Legend Of A Girl Child Linda
Liberation Rag
Life Goes On
Life Is A Merry-Go-Round
Little Ben
Little Boy in Corduroy
Little Tin Soldier
Living for the Love Light
Living for the Love Light in Your Eyes
Local Boy Chops Wood
Lord of the Dance
Lord of the Reedy River
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